Sunday, November 23, 2008

Free Tarot spread

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A tarot card spread is the pattern of the tarot cards that are pulled from the deck and laid out for the psychic tarot card reading. A tarot spread will be able to predict the future of a given situation. The tarot cards are pulled from the deck and laid out by the medium or the tarot card reader. You can use a rider waite tarot deck or a Llewellyn tarot deck for the tarot spreads. ASfter the cards are laid out the medium reader will help you to understand the meaning of the tarotr card spread in reference to the question that you asked to have answered at the beginning of the reading. The answers that are received from the tarot card spread depends on the question you ask.

A physic will pull the cards in a celtic cross tarot spread or the best tarot card spread to answer your questions about love and relationships. A tarot spread will give true answers to questions about money tarot and career tarot cards about your job. Get a tarot spread for free online or live.