Sunday, November 23, 2008

Psychic answers to questions

Free psychic answers to questions. Answers to questions by a psychic for freee. aSK A PSYCHIC A FREE QUestionsIONS FOR ANSWERS.

Lets face it the reason we use a psychic is to answer questions that we may have. In a psychic reading we ask a question to the psychic and we get the answer from the psychic to the question we ask. In a psychic reading we may only have to think of the question and the psychic will recieve impressions and tell you what the impressions mean or feel like. It is not always necessaryto say your questions to the physic out loud.

Psychic readings work based on the rapport and connection that is established between the psychic naand the client The psychic uses energy from the client to perform th ereading. Sometimes the psychic eill ask a few questions about yoyu to establish youtr connection.. The psychic may ask your birthday or your favorite color or your astrology sign in the reading. This information will build the connection between you and the psychic and will give you a better answer to your question.