Friday, November 7, 2008

What do the lines on your palm mean

What do the lines on my palm mean. What do palm lines mean. What do the lines on my tell about me. What do palm lines tell about you, about a person. What is the meaning of the lines in the palm of my hand. these are all common questions that i get about palm line readings and palmistry in general.

The meaning of the lines of palm is the art of palmistry. Palmistry can be used to give advice and predict the future.

Palmistry and palm line meanings revolve around the major lines of the palm. Sometimes people ask what do the lines on my hand mean. They are also referring to palm lines and palmistry readings.

The major lines of the palm are the Head line, the heart line, the life line and the money line. The lines on your palm tell about the personality and traits and talents. A psychic palm reading will tell you advice about the dominance of each line of the palm in your life.

A palmistry line reading will predict certain events in your future life. A palmist will interpret the lines of your hand to give you guidance. Sometimes palm readings are used with astrology readings and numerology readings to give spiritual guidance to you about love and career or health and family.